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About Us

    First, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Please allow me to introduce my family to you. My name is Heather. I am married to my amazing husband, Eric and we have three amazing children, Alexis, Brandyn and Tyler. Our daughter is now an adult and on her own but our boys are still at home are very active in sports, football, baseball, basketball and track and where we go, a dog is sure to follow! We are located in Radcliffe, Iowa, which is a small town less than an hour north of Des Moines. 

    I work for NextEra Energy as a Supply Chain Supervisor. However, since I was 12 years old, my dream has been to raise dogs. You will read more about that later. My husband works for a local family, farming and loves it! We do not raise dogs to make a living, that is why we go to work. We raise dogs, so that we can bring the same joy into people’s homes, that our dogs bring to us. BUT if I could stay home with my dogs everyday – I would not turn down the offer!

    So let me tell you how my true love and obsession for my dogs began. When I was 12 years old, I collected toys called “Littlest Pet Shops.” Parents you may be aware of what these are. In this particular pack, was the Bernese Mountain Dog. Now, you may be looking around, wondering why I am talking about the Bernese Mountain Dog when you are on a yorkie site, but trust me, my story is worth it. With this littlest pet shop toy, I was instantly hooked on this dog. So I knew at 12 years old, that I wanted and needed this dog and wanted to raise them. However, I never actually met one, until I adopted my first one, Baylee. My Baylee girl started something amazing and since 2006, I have been raising Bernese Mountain Dogs, also known as Berners. I adore them, they are a huge, lovable and great family dog.

    BUT back in 2013, I went through a horrible family crisis, a very difficult divorce and found the true love of my life Eric, my previous job was stressful and one day found myself crying over laundry. All I wanted to do was be with my dogs. I was withdrawing from people and spending all of my free time with my dogs and alienating all the people that loved me, a deep and dark depression. Eric made the suggestion to me that maybe I needed a “little dog.” One that I could cuddle in bed with, one I could truly take everywhere with me, no matter where I was going. 

    In a typical BIG dog lover fashion, my initial reaction was no way! I don’t want a little dog, they bark and yipe and are too fragile. But then I thought about it and reflected on my recent actions and started researching small dogs. I looked at several breeds and looked at pros and cons and found myself often coming back to the Yorkshire Terrier. I found a breeder a few hours away and wanted to go “look.” 

We went to visit the breeder and “look at the puppies.” There were several puppies running around, we were sitting on the ground and this little girl came up beside me and snuggled in next to me and laid down and never moved, almost like she knew I needed her. That is how Amya entered my world. And she is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Just writing this brings tears to my eyes. She truly saved my soul! 

    This little dog is an amazing, intuitive and the best friend a girl could ask for. She is a mama’s girl to her core. She loves this family but let me tell you she has her mom wrapped around her finger. She gives me an attitude when I don’t do the things she wants but gives the best hugs when I get home from work or when I have been away on business. I would be lost without her.  

    I was so afraid that my big dogs would hurt Amya when we brought her home but you would be amazed that just the opposite happened! My 135 pound dogs cater to her (and the others) The funniest thing I ever saw, was our mama Bear (now passed) had a treat that Amya wanted and Bear DROPPED it and gave it her. I couldn’t believe it and I wouldn’t have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. Our Mama Bear loved her food and I never saw her give her food to anyone else as long as she lived!

    Since Amya joined our family, there have been a few more yorkies that joined our home. There is Capone, Maddie and Hayleigh. They all live inside along with some berner companions! The puppies are whelped in our bedroom, so that I can hear everything, day or night. These dogs are my babies. 

    The first time my yorkie groomer met me (and Amya) she said, you and your husband must not have any children? I looked at her a little puzzled and said, no, we have 3. She said, oh…the way you talk about and treat your dogs, I just assumed you must not have kids. Our dogs are treated like kids! They are literally our babies! 

    Our hope is that all of the babies that join someone else’s home, that they are treated as well as they are here! 

    Please feel free to check out the rest of our website, I hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little bit and hearing my story. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in one of our yorkie babies joining your home! 

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