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Our Yorkie Parents


Amya May – This is Amya. She is often referred to as the Queen Bee. She is extremely spoiled since she was the first yorkie to join our home. You can read all about her journey to our home on the “About Us” page. Amya loves to get her way but the only person that she ever gets upset with when she doesn’t get her way with, is me. If she wants something and I don’t do it, I will often get the cold shoulder or ignored, ears back and everything. And boy OH BOY! Can she give some mean looks when she is upset with me! It can be very comical. Usually it is over jealously because I am paying attention to someone other than her. Although, she never gets mad at the other dogs, only me. She is extremely affectionate and taught herself what a hug was. She would lean in to me and I would say something like, thank you for my hug. One day, I asked for a hug and ever since, she hugs on demand. She has to get in her nightly cuddles or she feels unloved. She likes to be on my lap while eating dinner (a bad habit I started and that my husband makes fun of me for) and if I don’t let her up, she complains to me. She is the only one that is allowed to this. She is extremely intuitive and very smart. She is very well behaved. She loves our entire family but without a doubt is her mama’s dog. This makes her sound rotten but she is an amazing dog! Amya is 11 pounds. 


Maddie Mae – This is Maddie. She has two sides to her, she is the sweetest little girl and our resident clown! Maddie will keep you laughing all day long with her high jinx. She is always doing something to make me laugh or something to make me say, aww….Maddie, I just love you. Just the other day, she decided the only good place to lay down was in a basket of clean clothes, which required several different jumps off the couch and a chair into a tall laundry basket, a plop – there she landed. And she can’t lay normally, she has to lay on the arm of the couch with her head dangling off the side, staring at you. She is always doing something or chasing someone. The other day, I was laying in bed, petting someone else, other than her, she walks up to me. I thought she was going to lay down, nope, she bopped me right on the nose and then just stood there, like HEY! Pay attention to me. She can be such a turd sometimes. And then other times, you pick her up and she just snuggles right in or she hops into bed and she just wants to cuddle and will lay with you for hours if you will let her. My groomer tells me all the time that she is going to steal Maddie. She just has a heart of gold. She can be a little sassy but she is a yorkie and it just comes with them but you will be hard pressed to find one that loves harder than Maddie does. She just has a good mix of it all. Maddie weighs 6 pounds.


Hayleigh Jane – This is our little Hayleigh Jane. She is the smallest in the bunch weighing in at a solid 4 pounds. She is a mama’s girl just like Amya. Not near as rotten as Amya but spoiled all the same, I’m sure it is because she is so tiny. But don’t let her size fool you. She will make sure everyone knows she is there. If she is laying down and one of the littles comes and lays too close, she lets them know about it, especially if they invade her mom space. She is a lover though, not a fighter! She is super sweet and her kisses are with true intent. She isn’t a fly-by kisser, when she gives you a kiss, she makes sure you feel it. She is also a little cuddle buddy and for as small as she is, she puts off a lot of heat! She can’t get on the bed by herself, which drives her crazy, so we have stairs for her (and Capone). She is another dog that will lay with you for as long as you will let her. She loves to cuddle. When we got her, she was scared of everything, not anymore. Hayleigh just wants everyone to love her and she truly loves everyone. I personally think she prefers me but she will take love from whoever is dishing it out. 


Capone – This is our Badass Capone and well his name says it all. He thinks he is tough. He loves to bark at the cats outside but if we were to ever open the door, he wouldn’t do anything. His name actually doesn’t fit him at all. He is probably our biggest lover. He wants to be on your lap and if you aren’t touching him, he will take your hand with his paw and put it on him. Or rub his body against some part of your body so that you are touching him. I was sitting on the couch once, he was sitting on my lap, and my chin was resting on my hand and he wrapped his paw around my arm and leaned his head into my arm. I wish that someone would have been there with a camera because it was the sweetest thing. And that is Capone. He is the world’s sweetest boy. He also smiles. If you ask him to smile, he shows all of his teeth and will smile at you. This is actually a yorkie trick, but he is the only one of ours that does it. Sometimes he does an Elvis smile. I LOVE it! My niece will walk around saying SMILE CAPONE, SMILE CAPONE. He weighs 5.5 pounds

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